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Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Room 3 V1.05 Download Android Apk

 The Room Three is a puzzle video game published and developed by Fireproof Games The Room Three v1.05 Download Android APK

Title: The Room Three
Developer: Fireproof Games
Publisher: Fireproof Games
Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 2018 [United State, U.K., Commonwealth of Australia, Canada, Nippon]
WW: 4 November 2015
Genre: Puzzle
Mode: Single-actor

The Room Three is a puzzle video game published together with developed by Fireproof Games. It was released for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows. it is a Single-role player video game

Unsettlingly realistic graphics
Spine-tingling unmarried finger controls
Fantastical choice-upwards-too-play design
Compelling layers of mystery

The Room Three v1.05 APK Download for Android
Offered By: Fireproof 
Games: Puzzle
Updated: April fourteen, 2020
Version: 1.05
Requires Android: four.ane together with upwardly

The Room Three Download for iPhone OS
Seller: Fireproof Studios Limited
Size: 930.eight MB
Category: Games
Requirements: iOS vii.0 or afterward. Compatible alongside iPhone, iPad, together with iPod touch on.
Languages: English language
Age Rating ix+ Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Copyright © 2015 Fireproof Studios Ltd
Price $three.99