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Sunday, 18 April 2021

5 coolest moving wallpaper applications for Android phones


Feeling bored with the appearance of your cellphone and want to have a better and different wallpaper from the others? try installing the moving wallpaper application that technobgt recommends below.

You must know that there are lots of moving wallpaper applications on Google Playstore and you can download them for free, but maybe some are too complicated to use them and also have lots of annoying advertisements. So, so that you don't choose the wrong application, you can try the ones we recommend below.

There are many categories of 3D images to animations in this mobile wallpaper application that technobgt recommends, ranging from Anime, BTS, KPOP themes to motion wallpapers for FF (free fire) game themes, PUBG, Mobile Legend and others.

5 Wallpaper Applications on Android Phones

Okay, let's just discuss the list of animated wallpaper applications that can move when used as wallpaper on an Android phone.

Animated wallpapers, 3D moving dimensions 4K - WALLOOP

Download the WALLOOP ™ application: Click Here

This Walloop application provides a collection of animated wallpapers that can be installed on cellphones for free. The image quality is also HD / 4K so it looks very good (not broken), you don't have to worry about the use of battery power when running this application even though it can display the quality of a moving wallpaper.

in the Animated Wallpaper Application, 3D moving dimensions 4K - WALLOOP, you can get the best 4K moving wallpapers with many choices of categories such as AMOLED, Black, Anime, Vaporwave, Nature, Love and also Superhero. With this application you can also change the video that you have into an animated wallpaper.

ANIME Live Wallpapers HD


Download the ANIME Live Wallpapers HD / 4K application: Click Here

Furthermore, there is the ANIME Live Wallpapers HD / 4K application made by Live Wallpapers Expert.

This Anime Live Wallpapers HD application is a collection of moving wallpapers with HD quality and 4K backgrounds in your favorite Anime or Manga theme which can be downloaded for free.

You can immediately change your favorite background or animated wallpaper automatically, so that the appearance of your cellphone is more attractive and different from the others.

GRUBL: Live Wallpapers & Ringtones

Download the GRUBL application: click here

The next recommendation for moving wallpaper applications is from HelectronSoft, namely GRUBL: Animated Wallpapers and Ringtones, which with this application you can install live wallpapers on your cellphone. In addition, you can also choose a new ringtone, which might be an option so that when someone calls the sound, the ringtone is different from someone else's.

This GRUBL application has a large selection of animated wallpaper categories such as VFX, AMOLED, Nature - Animals, Anime 3D live wallpapers, beautiful Space & Planets Wallpapers, inspirational quotes, Live Characters Wallpapers in 4D, Anime, KPOP and many others.

The Real Aquarium


Download The Real Aquarium Application: click here

At number 4 there is the application The real aquarium made by Memento Apps. From the name, it can be concluded that this application can create animated wallpapers with an aquarium theme that is also supported by the sound of water and bubbles, so that the theme of the sea or the aquarium becomes more alive.

Anime Wallpaper HD SandStorm Studios


Download the Anime Wallpaper HD application: click here

Furthermore, there is the Anime Wallpaper HD application from SandStorm Studios. We recommend this last mobile wallpaper application for those of you who are already with anime films.

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This Anime Wallpaper HD application does have a collection of characters in animated films or comics, such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Samurai X, and many others.

Those are the 5 applications that we recommend for those of you who want to make moving wallpapers on an Android cellphone. Of these 5 applications, which one do you think is the best to use?