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Monday, 19 April 2021

Facebook Test Maps Similar to Snap Map

Social Media - Facebook's passion for trying to replicate Snapchat's features may have transcended very thick elements, such as Stories and selfie filters. The world's largest social networking giant has confirmed to tech news and startup company TechCrunch that it is trying to test a rework of Nearby Friends, which exhibits unusual visuals like Snapchat's Snap Map. 

While the conventional list was still there, examiners were also able to see friends grouped by city and neighborhood. Later, you will have a better sense of whether he is your townmate, without having to read a lot of texts about them.

Facebook will combine Nearby Friends and Your Emoji to help users share, regardless of where they are and whether they want a little reunion or just hanging out. The next step is to make it easier to view geo-tagged friends' Facebook Stories from wherever they are. 

And then, Facebook can further copy the Snap Map by making Stories and other location-based content accessible from the map so that you can browse them more easily than looking at the News Feed or Facebook Stories.

However, creating Nearby Friends required Facebook to rethink the element of privacy. The friends graph has expanded to include family, coworkers, bosses and distant acquaintances with whom users may not want to share their real-time location. If Facebook can find a better way to let you share places with your closest friends it will be able to make more people feel comfortable with the feature.

Facebook also needs to rethink products that include not only phones with high-definition cameras, large cellphone screens, and fast network connections. However, at least it made it easier to convey information through images rather than text. Visual communication is the future, and it goes far beyond Stories.

There is indeed a lot of motivation to change things. Nearby Friends is optional, as are most tools that have location-based tools. However, there are many reasons to use it in the future, where competition is usually more attractive. Snap Map, Google Maps, and Apple's Find My Friends are more visual in nature, while Foursquare's Swarm has changed specific locations for sharing later in a game.