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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Recommended Best Running Distance Counter Application for 2021


For those who like jogging or running and want to have a statistical record of the distance they have traveled, then technobgt will recommend several running distance calculator applications that can record running distance accurately.

If we discuss an application, then it must have something to do with a smartphone, which of course must be installed on the cellphone / smartphone. Similar to the running or walking distance calculator application that we recommend, you must first install it on an Android cellphone that you will carry when running / jogging / walking fast.

5 Running Distance Measuring Application

There are at least 5 running distance calculator applications for Android smartphones that technobgt will discuss on this occasion. This recommended application certainly has a feature that can calculate running distance accurately and there is also an application that can count footsteps when you are jogging or walking.

Of course, you can use the following applications for free and you can also share the running distance feature on social media. Here are the details:



The first running distance calculator app we recommend is Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming. Judging from the name, we can conclude that you can use the application that is included in the category for Health and Fitness on the Google Playstore for running, cycling and swimming.

In the Google Playstore, the Strava application is entered as "Editor's Choice" meaning that the features in the Strava application are very good for supporting activities / sports. When using Strava, you can get a record of how rarely you run, your running speed, calories burned and more.

The most interesting feature is Strava Running and Cycling GPS, which can be used for those of you who have Android Wear. You can directly download the Strava application HERE

3 Ways to Train Smarter Ala Strava

1. Analysis: With this application you can record routes, track distance traveled, swimming speed, cycle speed, altitude gained and calories burned

2. Map your route: Combine your running, swimming or cycling with the world's largest network of trails

3. Training challenges: Push yourself with monthly Challenges & compete with others

NCR - Nike Run Club


Furthermore, there is the Nike Run Club application created by a team of developers from "NIKE", a manufacturer of shoes, clothing and sports equipment from the United States. With the help of this NCR application, you can get statistical data about speed, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits, complete with audio input to make things run smoothly.

The most interesting feature here is that you can invite friends to exercise or even invite to compete directly from a predetermined time on the Nike RUn Club Application. Some of the excellent features of this NRC are as follows:

• Full support for android wear os devices

• Monitor and save runs

• Global and custom challenges

• Personalized exercise program

• Trophies and badges to celebrate achievements

• Compete on the leaderboard

• Excitement from friends while running

• Share runs with anyone

Nike Run Club can be used with Google Fit to sync workouts and log heart rate data. For those who want to try this running distance calculator application from Nike, you can just download it HERE.